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Creating the Neighbourhood Development Plan and gaining approval is a complex project.  You can find out more details about how far we have travelled through the process below . . .
December 2016
Alwoodley Neighbourhood Development Plan
2016 Consultation Feedback is available here.
June 2016
Announcement of Open Day July 14th between 9:30am and 7:15pm at the Alwoodley Community Hall, 60 The Avenue. More details about the open day and where to see the plan here
January 2015 to date
The plan is being refined in  conjunction with APC and the various statutory requirements including consultations are being organised - please see the various minutes for more details, available here
December 2014
Meeting with the Parish Council to discuss the Draft Plan
September 2014
Development of Policies and submission of the Draft Plan to the Parish Council
June to August 2014
Analysis of returns completed and considered by Steering Group- see here
May 2014
Questionnaires returned.  Analysis underway
April 2014
Parish Annual Meeting.  Display and Presentation on the Neighbourhood Plan process
March 2014
Preparation and issue of Questionnaire to all households in the Parish with the Parish Newsletter
February 2014
Leeds CC designates the Alwoodley Parish area for a Neighbourhood Plan
November 2013 - January 2014
Leeds City Council instigated a statutory consultation period for residents within the area and others. The published a notice that gives all the places you can get information and submit your comments as well as all the deadlines involved

You can view the LCC consultation notice here
November 2013
. . . and submitted to Leeds City Council
July/October 2013
The Steering Group met several times, familiarised themselves with the details of the steps involved in their task and formulated a plan of action.

The neighbourhood area was defined as the Alwoodley Parish Council boundaries. See maps here

As required under Part 2 of The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012, an Application for Designation for the formal creation of a Neighbourhood Area was prepared . . .
July 2013
The ‘Steering Group’ formed. The group includes a number of residents and four members of the Parish Council.