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Flowerbed outside Leeds Seventeen Restaurant

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We have been experimenting with flowerbed designs. We need a balance between ease of maintenance and interest.

This bed uses a number of “archetectural” plants plus annuals for variety ands colour
Flowerbed near the ACA Hall on The Avenue
Just after planting up:
This bed was very hard to prepare - hard compacted soil, roots and stones! - Triple digging sorted it!
A month later:
Second year:

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Flowerbed near the water tower on Nursery lane
Our thanks to
Primley Park Dentistry
for sponsoring this flowerbed
Another exploration - hardy perennials and small shrubs. We will include annuals in spring for colour

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APC Boundary Stone on Alwoodley Lane
We offered to create a flowerbed and plant bulbs around the Parish Council boundary stone near Alwoodley Gates
Phase 1: The day after the stone was installed we planted a hundred or so bulbs. The ground around the stone was uneven (at least one lorry had driven over it!), Weedy and the grass was patchy.

The bulbs will give a good show in the spring. We are planning to have the area leveled, reseeded/returfed and a flowerbed created with decent top soil. We will then plant up the bed and maintain the area!
The bulb planting team in action, braving the icy weather in December
The ‘Wall Project’ at the shops on King Lane
The triangular patch of ‘grass’ at the King Lane entrance to the shops looked awful. A muddy mess used as a car park by those in a hurry!

After thought and discussion about how to improve the patch and dissaude parking we decided to build a raised bed and to put wooden tubs on gravel at the front. This would fulfil our plans and allow emergency vehicle access.

Not very pretty! - And it looks a lot worse in wet weather

. . . still a lot more to do!

The wall complete and filled with soil . . . Gravel neatens the area and the tubs add some colour

The final step - planting the wall bed!

Job done!

And even after the Summer colour has gone it still looks good