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November 2016: REPORT OF MEETING WITH LCC: There had been a very useful meeting with LCC where minor amendments to the wording of policies were indicated and also further advice given on other areas of the plan.  

The Screening Document had still not been received, but the meeting was advised against chasing this as the Planning Department was struggling with the volume of work arising from the Site Allocation Plan consultation.

REVIEW OF NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN:  It was agreed to concentrate on the policies as the earlier part of the plan had already been agreed.

It was pointed out that there was no Housing Needs Assessment in the plan.  To do this would require a survey of all households in the Parish of their aspirations for housing over the next five years.  After much discussion it was decided that such an assessment was not needed.

Apart from the changes made to the policies there was a need to strengthen the evidence base underpinning some of them.

MATTERS FOR THE PARISH COUNCIL: The next meeting of the council would be on 9.1.17.  There should be an Agenda item approving the plan for that meeting.  The latest date for the document to reach the Parish Clerk was 5.1.17      

Approval should also be sought for money to be spent on producing the maps.  This would require an estimate of the cost of the work.  To be sent to the Parish Clerk by 5.1.17

AOB: Adel ought to be contacted to confirm the progress on their plan and to check out if anything in their plan impinged on ours.       

The group was reminded that a condition of the grant we had received was that there should be some publicity about Neighbourhood Plans.  It was agreed that this should be done after the plan was completed.  

Alwoodley Neighbourhood Development Plan - Questionnaire feedback

Download Questionnaire file here

Along with the Parish 2014 Newsletter all households in the Parish were sent a copy of a Questionnaire seeking their views on what they thought about living in Alwoodley to help identify key issues for the Neighbourhood Plan. Some 645 responses were received – 17% of those surveyed.

The following is a summary of the responses. The majority of the returns were from those who had lived in the Parish for more than 20 years.

The percentages given below are of those respondents who gave an answer to the question. Respondents were able to give more than one response to each question.

Comments made by respondents have been passed to the Parish Council. The Neighbourhood Plan is now being drafted using the results from the questionnaire. The proposals, along with a questionnaire will be circulated seeking resident’s views.  There were some concerns that we cannot address in the Plan because the problems identified did not lie within the Parish boundary. 

If you have any queries, please email us at

To be protected

No. of responses

% of responses

Adel Woods



Area around Eccup reservoir



School Playing Fields



Green Spaces



Bungalows from conversion into two storey homes



Family homes demolished so that flats can be built



Historical features



Total Responses


Draft development Plan

You can download the document (as a pdf file) here

Alwoodley Neighbourhood Development Plan 2016 Consultation Feedback


The draft Alwoodley Neighbourhood Plan - pre-submission version - was published in June 2016 and was available for comments at Moor Allerton Library, Alwoodley Community Centre and on the Parish Council website.  The closing date was 31 August 2016.  An Open Day was held at the Community Centre on Thursday 14 July and was well attended during the day and early evening.

Arising from the consultation we received a total of 52 responses including 14 from statutory consultees and other organisations.  Some 38 parishioners responded in person, by letter or by email.  All responses with a return address were acknowledged together with an explanation on the reasons for the proposals or why the Neighbourhood Plan was not the appropriate place for the


Responses were very supportive of the proposals in the Neighbourhood Plan.  A number of errors in the names of green spaces were spotted and these have been corrected.  Requests were made to add further green areas in the Golf Course estates for designation as Green Spaces.  As these were small and generally part of the street scene they have been added, but not for formal designation.

Concerns were expressed about the effect of traffic on Alwoodley Lane and Alwoodley Gates arising from the proposed development site north of Alwoodley Lane near to Alwoodley Gates.  There were also concerns about the demand for school places arising from the site on an already stretched facility.  The Neighbourhood Plan has been reinforced on both these two issues.

There were several comments about redevelopment of existing properties.  The Neighbourhood

Plan has been enhanced as far as possible, although “permitted development” rights prevent both the Parish Council and the City Council from acting against such development.

Many comments related to matters outside the remit of a Neighbourhood Plan, such as parking and the impact of traffic on roads in the Parish.  These were referred back to the Parish Council.

A number of policies have been withdrawn as they are already covered by National or Local policies.

The statutory consultees provided useful feedback resulting in some minor changes.

Leeds City Council sent detailed comments mainly about the structure of the policies to ensure that the Neighbourhood Plan passes the Inspection stage and meets National and Local requirements.

The Steering Group is working on amending the Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish Council to consider and approve at its January 2017 meeting.  It will then be formally submitted to Leeds City Council for review by an independent Inspector