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The Parish boundary

Many people do not realise that the area of Alwoodley Parish Council includes much lovely countryside north of Alwoodley with many footpaths. So here is an easy-to-follow guide to its area.

The southern boundary of the Parish is Nursery Lane which means that many schools including Allerton High School, Archbishop Cranmer C of E Primary, Fir Tree Primary School and Alwoodley Primary Schools are not in the Parish, although St Paul’s R.C. and Brodetsky Primary Schools are.  Our third Boundary stone is here.

The boundary runs along to old medieval road of Bank Top Lane, although Bank Side farm and some fields to the south are excluded. The boundary continues on Allums Lane but then stays south of it going east at a new plantation near the junction with Mawson’s Lane. The Parish includes Bank End farm and the boundary runs north up Bedlam Lane.

At the King Lane junction with Nursery Lane the Parish boundary runs between the Cranmer Bank and Buckstone estates and then along the back gardens of houses in Buckstone Avenue, excluding the common land behind. The boundary then swings west to Adel Beck which form most of the south-western boundary. So included in Alwoodley Parish are Adel Woods, Stairfoot House and most of Headingley Golf course (but not the clubhouse, first tee and fairway and eighteenth fairway and green).

Crossing Eccup Lane at the stream the boundary then goes through the Harewood estate over the private access road to the Emmerdale set until it reaches the Sturdy Beck north of the Eccup Water Treatment Works. Herd Farm and the nearby houses are in the Parish as the boundary now becomes Eccup beck.

North of Adel bridge, Adel Mill, the site of the old Adel Roman settlement, and Adel Dam are all in the Parish but not the Golden Acre pond. Just south of from this pond the boundary swings west to the King Lane/ Arthington Road junction and the north again along Arthington Road to just before Bank Top Farm which is not in the Parish.

The boundary cross the middle of the dam of Eccup reservoir and is under water until emerges at the end of the arm at the south-eastern corner of the reservoir. It then follows the stream crossing Alwoodley Lane, so excluding the new houses north-west of Alwoodley Gates as well as four houses on the south side of Alwoodley Lane. The Parish Council has recently erected a boundary stone here. The boundary line continues on the stream to Harrogate Road and then runs down the centre of Harrogate Road to the Nursery Lane junction where there is another boundary stone.