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. . . though only one of the new locks has passed the EU wide stringent tests, so if your locks are more than a few years old they could need to be upgraded and should be checked.

The only lock recommended is the Avocet TS007 3* replacement PVCu Door Lock

The police have warned that this older type of lock is easy to break by a technique called “snapping”. The lock breaks and can easily be removed and then pliers are used to undo all the security bolts connected to the lock

“Bumping”, which is as fast as using a proper key, uses simple-to-make “bump key” to open the lock! It’s incredibly easy for criminals to gain entry once they realise what type of lock is in the door.

SBD have worked with the lock industry to create eurolocks that are resistant to snapping, bumping, drilling and picking!

The new locks and their keys look like this: the “new look” key slot acts as a deterrent . . .

It takes less than a minute and a screwdriver to take the old lock out and pop the new lock in - or a reputable locksmith will be able to help. This video shows how easy it is;

Under the direction of Wetherby Neighbourhood Policing Inspector Paul Dwyer the Wetherby Crime Panel are carrying out a replacement UPVC Door Lock program.

Whilst PC’s and PCSO’s carry out your requested free Home Security survey they often find the door locks are not up to the current required standard. You will be asked if the Wetherby Crime Panel may call and discuss the replacement service the Crime Panel are carrying out.

The replacement locks cost only £37.50p each including fitting  and usually only take minutes to change.

If you are interested in having your free Police Survey contact Wetherby NPT on 0113 285 5374 leaving your contact details and someone will get back to you.

From the ABS website . . .

ABS the only security cylinder with both TS007 3 STAR rating and SS 312 Sold Secure Diamond accreditations across all sizes.

ABS is the highest accredited euro cylinder available in the UK today

Technical Information

Available in sizes from 30-60mm in 5mm increments for both internal and external parts of the cylinder.

Euro Profile Locks . . .

If you have uPVC doors and they are more than a few years old, they are likely to be fitted with eurolocks

The ends of the lock and keys look like this:

Lock out a burglar say West Yorkshire Police

West Yorkshire Police and North East Leeds Division are committed to reducing crime and the fear of crime. Recently there has been an increase in burglaries where the locks on UPVC and composite doors including French and Patio doors have been forced to gain entry to the house.

The locks in question are referred to as 'Euro cylinder locks ' and the method used involves forcing the door handle then 'snapping ' the lock, leaving the lock mechanism exposed.

If your UPVC or Composite doors have these locks fitted ( in reality this will be any lock over two years old )  Please consider upgrading the Lock , Handle or both to a Sold Secure Certified TS007 Break-Secure lock and re-enforced handle. These items are 'retro fit ' to existing doors and offer a far better level of security.

Ensure you choose a reputable Lock Smith who is a member of a recognised trade association such as the Master Locksmiths Association.

Once you have had upgraded locks fitted, Please remember to use them! All too often we see offences committed through insecure doors and windows, even overnight !

For more information please call 1 0 1 to contact your local Neighbourhood Policing Team

or Crime Reduction Officer.

These locks are not secure!