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There are many different sorts of document that will be available in this section;

Underlined documents are available now;

blue documents will be available when they are finalised.

We are fully compliant with the Freedom of Information Act. Our charging policy is here

You download or open the minutes of recent Council, Committee, Sub-Committee and Working Group meetings here.

Older documents are available from the Clerk

All of our documents are either Microsoft Word (.doc) or Adobe PDF (.pdf) files.

If you need a free fast and small PDF file reader click here to download it as an exe file and here as a (smaller) zipped file. Neither version needs installing - just run it

Minutes of meetings are in date order. Please be aware that some minutes may have been edited to remove confidential information. Full Council, Committee and Sub-Committee meetings are open to the public and are minuted; Working Group meetings are not open to the public and are not always minuted