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The Council

Your councillors are . . .

Trupti Acharya


Carol Allen (Deputy Chairman)




Festive Lights

Lyn Buckley (Chairman)




Crime Panel Liaison

King Lane trees

Neil Buckley




Staffing Sub-committee

Ian Greenberg


Richard Hainsworth


King Lane Footway


Ramesh Khetani


Roderic Parker


Jerry Pearlman



King Lane Footway

Staffing Sub-committee

Sue Smith





Festive Lights

Judith Williams





Catriona Hanson (Clerk)


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The dates of meetings are;

Main Council

Full Council meetings will be held mostly on the first Monday of each month in the Council Room at the Alwoodley Community Hall (The Avenue, Leeds 17), commencing at 7:30pm. The first 15 minutes of the meeting will open for contributions from the public

Planning Committee

Planning Committee meetings will start at 6:45pm, immediately before the full Council Meeting.

Additional meetings will be called as and when necessary to meet LCC planning deadlines - these meetings will be notified here and on the Council notice boards

Other Meetings

Information will be added here as and when appropriate


  • Monday 12th January
  • Monday 2nd February
  • Monday 2nd March
  • Annual Meeting of the

Parish Monday 27th April

  • Monday 13th April
  • Monday 18th May
  • Monday 8st June
  • Monday 6th July

  • Monday 3rd August

(Planning Committee only)

  • Monday 7th September
  • Monday 5th October
  • Monday 2nd November
  • Monday 7th December

(Planning Committee only)


  • Monday 11th January *
  • Monday 1st February
  • Monday 7th March
  • Monday 4th April
  • Monday 9th May *
  • Monday 6th June
  • Monday 4th July
  • Monday 1st August
  • (Planning Committee only)
  • Monday 5th September
  • Monday 10th October
  • Monday 7th November
  • Monday 5th December (Planning Committee only)

*Denotes the second  

Monday of the month

Attending Parish Council Meetings

All parish council meetings are open to the public (unless councillors decide to exclude the public for reasons of confidentiality, which very rarely happens).


You do not have the right to speak at this meeting unless invited to do so by the council. The way this works is as follows:

You should make yourself known to the clerk or to the chairman of the meeting, ideally before it begins.

When the item on the agenda on which you wish to speak is reached the chairman may choose to invite the council to "suspend standing orders" to allow you to speak.

If the council agree to suspend standing orders then you can speak on the item which is concerning you. Please try to be brief: the council has a lot to get through at most meetings. If you take too long the chairman may ask you to stop speaking.

Once you have made your points the chairman will ask the councillors if they wish to ask you any questions and, if they do, you can reply to those questions.

The chairman will then resume standing orders and the council will then debate the item. You do not have any right to speak during this debate. The only exception would be if a councillor, through the chair, wishes to put another question to you.

Planning Issues

Most people who want to speak to the parish council want to talk on planning applications. Some things to bear in mind:

The parish council is not the planning authority. We do not decide planning applications, Leeds City Council (LCC) do that, we only recommend to them what we think they should decide and they can (and do) choose to ignore us.

If you are objecting it is very important that you write to LCC as well as coming to our meeting.

We can only object to an application on valid planning grounds so please don't be disappointed if we don't comment on issues you regard as important but which, by law, aren't relevant.


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You have 8 Councillors at present. The full complement is 11. We are here to represent your interests and lobby the City Council on matters of concern in the Parish.

We are dedicated to protecting and improving the Parish environment and keeping an eye on anything that could affect the interest of the Parish, e.g. planning applications, traffic matters, etc.

Membership of Working Parties, Committees & Liaison & Panels

Working Party: Neighbourhood Development Plan: Cllrs Lyn Buckley, Pearlman, Williams plus co-opted David Burgess,

       Sallie Davies, Suzanne Bell, Audrey and David Hirst, Vince Flannery &        Richard Appleyard

We are creating the Neighbourhood Development Plan that will give our community a major voice in the future development of our Parish under national laws that empower local areas to have a significant influence in the determination of their future development

Working Party: Boundary Stones: Cllrs Allen, Neil Buckley & Hainsworth (Eccup)

We are organising the installation of boundary stones that identify the Parish boundaries and welcome visitors into our Parish

Working Party: Festive Lights: Cllrs Allen & Smith

We are organising the installation of lamppost mounted Christmas decoration lights in suitable areas of the Parish complementing the work of the Tree Lights Working Party

Working Party: Green Gym Fitness Equipment: Cllrs Allen, Smith & Williams

We are organising the installation of an outdoor ‘Green Gym’ on the Alwoodley Village Green on King Lane

Working Party: Village Green Working Party: Cllrs Pearlman, Smith & Williams

We are liaising with LCC to ensure that the green space on the junction of King Lane and The Avenue is designated a s Alwoodley Village Green enjoying extensive long term protection as a public space for leisure activities

Working Party: Communications: Cllrs: L Buckley, N Buckley,Williams, Smith & (co-opted) Dave Kent (webmaster)

i: We write the newsletter for APC website and the newsletters that are periodically delivered to your door; we also write articles for various newspapers, newssheets and publications (for example The Announcer)

ii: We are responsible for the design and running of the APC website including liaison with the community to collect news items, information about organisations, groups and their events

iii: We also evaluate the efficiency of the our communication procedures and seek out other methods of communicating with the Parish

Working Party: Mini Flowerbeds: Cllrs Allen, Smith, Williams plus co-opted Mike Hull (Parish Lengthsman)

We are responsible for identifying suitable plots within the Parish and creating and maintaining flowerbeds to enhance the local environment

Working Party: Lengthsman: Cllrs: Allen, Neil Buckley

We are responsible for the oversight of our “lengthsman” who will help to maintain a cared for feel within Alwoodley Parish. We are evaluating the way the lengthman is used and exploring new ways to employ his time

Working Party: Creation of an allotment in Alwoodley: Cllr Hainsworth plus co-opted Derek Hanton (AAA)

We are supporting Alwoodley Allotment Association (AAA) in their negotiations with LCC to create a substantial (60 plot) allotment within the Parish Council Boundary.

Working Party:  Parish Paths Partnership and King Lane Footway: Cllrs Hainsworth, Pearlman

plus co-opted: Mr Brian Wilkinson

i: Our aim is to ensure that all footpaths and bridleways in the Parish are open and can be used easily, as well as identifying other paths which ought to be registered as public paths.

ii:We are liaising with LCC to improve the path between Alwoodley Lane and Five Lane End to make it safe and reflect its role as part of the Leeds Country Way

Working Party: Wildflowers, Trees and Shrubs: Cllrs Lyn Buckley, Neil Buckley, Hainsworth & Smith

i: We are working with LCC to have wildflower beds, trees and shrubs planted within the grassy strip adjacent to the Buckstones. This complements the bulb planting activities of Alwoodley in Bloom and hopefully discourage inconsiderate parking that damages the verges and road edges in the area

ii: We are responsible for identifying other areas in the Parish suitable for similar development

Working Party: WWI Commemoration & Benches: Cllrs Allen, Lyn Buckley, Smith & Williams

i: We are responsible for installing and maintaining the WWI memorial garden and the WWI memorial bench on King Lane.

ii: We are also investigating suitable sites for installing benches throughout the Parish and would particularly welcome suggestions from Parishioners

Planning Committee: Cllrs Allen, Lyn Buckley, Pearlman (Chairman), Smith & Williams

We are statutory consultees on planning applications made to the planning authority in Alwoodley parish. The local planning authority is Leeds City Council

The main function of the Planning Committee is to consider and comment on planning applications. A few major planning applications will be referred to the full Parish Council.

The remit of the Planning Committee is embodied in the following statement:

The Planning Committee will be authorised to deal with all matters relating to planning applications referred to the Parish Council and other related planning issues.  However, any major planning applications identified by the Committee or any member of the Council shall be referred to Council for decision.

Liaison: Alwoodley in Bloom: Cllr Allen

Liaison: Leeds City Council: Cllr Neil Buckley (Neil is also one of our three LCC Councillors)

Liaison: Wetherby Crime Panel Representative: Cllr Lyn Buckley

Staffing Panel: Cllrs Neil Buckley & Pearlman

Appeals Panel: Cllrs Hainsworth, Smith & Williams


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