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Boundary Stones

Following the inception of the Parish Council in 2008 a decision was taken to start a programme of marking the Parish boundaries with boundary stones sourced from the local Mone Bros quarry.

For each stone the process from sourcing to installation has to complete the following steps:

The second stone was installed near the junction of King Lane and Nursery Lane

to mark the south western corner of the Parish  in March 2013.

The most recent stone was installed in May 2015, it sits close to the junction of Nursery Lane and

Harrogate Roadwhere it marks the south eastern  corner of the parish.

The chosen stone in its raw state at the quarry

The completed stone installed near Alwoodley Gates

The second stone in its raw state at the quarry …

… and the completed stone in place

The first boundary stone was installed on Alwoodley Lane in December 2011

and marks the eastern boundary.

The third stone in its raw state at the quarry …

… and the transformed stone in place

Each of these stones was carefully selected with assistance from the staff at Mone Bros quarry to ensure they were suitable for the intended location and they have all met all the conditions laid down by Highways.

We would like to say thank you to both of these organisations for their help.

The Northern Boundary

During this programme of stone installation it became clear that it might be difficult to find a suitable location to mark the Northern boundary as this lies in the countryside to the north of Leeds where the roads are narrow.

We were fortunate to discover a historic boundary stone lying hidden in the vegetation on land owned by a local farmer in Eccup.  At the moment the PC is looking into gaining permission to have the stone reinstated - Highways have agreed that it would be OK to reposition the stone.  Further enquiries with the planning department are to made before we can progress this matter.