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Allotments in Alwoodley

Some of you may remember way back to 2010 (was it only six years - more than half a decade - ago?) when the creation of community allotments in Alwoodley was first mooted.

Several times since then we have genuinely believed that their creation was close . . . and several times we have been disappointed. The disappointment for the allottmenteers has been far deeper though. It has been pointed out that the USA put a couple of men on the Moon (and brought them back again) in not much longer a time. One day the harrowing but heartwarming tale of the fight of these ‘common folk’ to be able to grow their own vegetables will be told in a blockbuster novel - it wouldn’t surprise me if it wasn’t on the big screen soon after that, complete with David Attenborough narrating the life cycle of the pea and carrot and stunning 3D CGI of an epic fight worthy of Kafka!

Latest News as of October 2016: Back to the real world - we are very happy to announce that the allotment is up and running. They are prepping the plots and organising the buildings. The gates and fences are in and hedge planting should start soon. You can contact the membership secretary and apply for a plot (they still have some left) and get digging!

Alwoodley Allotment Society (note the new moniker!) has shown an admirable degree of unwavering and stoic patience and perseverance - find out more about them and their epic journey at their website: or by email to the Membership Secretary or to

Derek Hanton - their Chair