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Wildflower Beds - King Lane

Following the amazing success of the test beds near the Moor Allerton Centre over the last couple of years we  are sponsoring three wildflower beds along King Lane.

The timing of their flowering will compliment the daffodils planted by Alwoodley in Bloom!

The first bed is triangular(ish!) and is opposite the shops near The Avenue. The other two are ribbon beds (80m x 4m) in the grassy sections where we planted trees last year.

As these photo’s show, the first year’s display was stunning.

Unfortunately  this year has been particularly disappointing.

In May the Parish Council Working Party  met with a representative from  LCC Parks & Countryside to discuss the problems of weeds in the wildflower beds.  At the time there were some healthy blooms, especially of poppies.

At the meeting we did discuss the possibility of spraying the weeds but following advice we were informed any selective weed killer used at this time would kill the wildflowers as well as the weeds. However, the beds now contain more weeds than flowers but, unfortunately, due to lack of LCC resources, the beds will not be raked and sprayed until late August/early September.

At present the beds contain perennials which should have lasted for a period of 3 years but, obviously, the situation we have now is very unsatisfactory and, therefore, next Spring annuals will be planted in their place.

Hopefully in 2016 there will once again be a lovely splash of colour instead of weeds!