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Grant Application

Working Together to Benefit our Community

The Council has power to award grants which will bring direct benefit to the area of the parish of Alwoodley, or any part of it, or all or some of its inhabitants. The Council therefore invites applications for grants of up to £500 to support activities or projects which will benefit the residents of Alwoodley Parish.  Such activities might be social, artistic, educational, cultural, environmental or sporting. Click here for a list of grants we have already awarded.

The kinds of projects for which grants are made:

The Council may only make grants for purposes within its statutory powers.

All grant applications are considered and decided in full meetings of the Council.

All grants are discretionary and the Council’s decision is final.

Grants will only be made to organisations which have a constitution and a bank account.

Grants will be made subject to the following conditions:

If you need help in completing this form, please contact the Parish Clerk, contact details given here

If you prefer to submit a paper application you can download it from here

Application for an Alwoodley Parish Council Grant


email address:




contact name:


name of organisation:

brief summary of the purpose of the grant:

(Please give brief details of the applicant,  the purpose of the grant, costings, other funds available, and details of other grant applications made.

How many people will benefit and how many of these are residents in Alwoodley Parish (as covered by Alwoodley Parish Council rather than the old Alwoodley Parish?